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Hexagonal Nike Zoom Air utilizes nature’s strongest shape, the hexagon, to give Nike designers the ability to use pressure mapping and sport-specific testing data to place the Zoom cushioning where it best serves the athlete — the forefoot. The focus for maximum cushioning typically has been in the heel but this new application serves the athlete who spends more time pivoting and exploding during intense training exercises. This innovation also saves weight and brings improved flexibility to the entire outsole of the shoe.

Anonymous: I like how you support women who lift. A lot of guys don't like muscles on women but you seem to like it and that's cool


Women who lift are badass!! Any guy who tries to say otherwise probably has insecurity issues with their own body. Who am I to tell others what they should or shouldn’t do with their bodies, it’s theirs after all. If all you women out there want to lift weights and add some muscle for your health, appearance or both than more power to you! I think it’s awesome!! :)